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Westbury S.L.
A German family-run business

FormenteraIn 1961 business founder Emil Konrad visited Formentera for the first time with his family based on the recommendation of friends. Back then everything was different: the ferry just commuted twice a week, there was one bus, carrying not only people, but also pigs and goats. The main road was a graveled sandy path and there was exactly one taxi available. Water had to be hoisted from a well and you had to bring all of your own food because there was no supermarket anywhere on the island.
FormenteraImpressed and enthused by the unspoiled nature of Formentera, Emil Konrad acquired a piece of land and commissioned the construction of a holiday home in the next year. Henceforth the Konrad family spent every summer holiday on this beautiful island. But it took another 10 years until the first houses of the holiday resort “Las Dunas Playa” were built.
The resort grew and grew and in the mid- 1970s Wolf Konrad, the oldest son, joined the family business.
FormenteraIn the late 1990s Emil Konrad sold a good portion of the holiday resort. But some properties have been reassigned to Westbury S.L. due to several problems caused by the sale.
The resort has been divided into „Las Dunas Playa“ and Villa Dunas y Bungalows.
These days Westbury S.L., currently managed in the third generation, still offers many people an unforgettable dream holiday.
FormenteraToday, Formentera has changed a bit. Main roads are paved, three ferry companies take people and vehicles almost every 30 minutes to and from Ibiza, there are several bus lines, countless supermarkets, bars and restaurants and there is nothing left to wish for.
Despite these improvements, Formentera hasn’t adopted to the neighbour islands’ mania of urbanization. It kept its charm and character in every way.

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